I recently rolled a Shadowrun character for a group I play with on Sundays. She’s the “face” of my group, and as such, she has an insanely high charisma. I’ve been told that charisma is what makes elves super attractive in this universe, so I decided to draw her in an unconventionally attractive way: Rather than being willowy and pale, as a lot of folks might expect an elf to be, I decided to make her a sturdy mixed gal.

Hoping to hella refine this later and add a drawing of her handsome troll boyfriend, who is roughly twice her height and incorporates seating for her into his clothes so she can have a comfortable place to sit while tuning up his tech-stuff :3c


I save reference pics that I want to use for drawing practice at my fuckaround account (that-flighty-broad​). I played around with brushstrokes and color and linework in this one. I really need to work on my ambient lighting, but this is a good start >.>

This illustration was made for the purposes of study and self-improvement only. Here is the original post/image:


Flycandy.tumblr.com: Patty Mayo




Believe it or not, misandry has quite a lot in common with unicorns! They are both elusive, enigmatic beasts that sometimes carry an idealistic sparkle about them.

Also, they are both not real.

These are currently available in the shop in unisex sizes S, M, L, XL! If this generates enough interest I can offer more sizes and shirt cuts, as well <3


I will also have much better pictures of the final product sometime tonight or tomorrow, so stay tuned! \o/

I made another thing for the shop! Many thanks to ladypurl for the idea!

Couch to 5K Day 1: The Morning After

Me: I was a little afraid when I first got up, because when I tried to stand my knees/shins hurt so bad that I couldn’t stay up >.>

Brent: Did you let out a mighty roar and call upon the gods of legend to lend you the strength to stand? that’s how I picture it.

Me: I did make a very interesting noise before collapsing back on the bed. And then I sort of rolled ungracefully to my feet and hobbled around for a while.

Brent: That feels slightly less majestic than what I was picturing.

Me: No no, it was totes majestic, I’m just describing it poorly ;P


Brent: ^ you.